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One-Touch Jar Opener
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One-Touch Jar Opener
Item Code :   b00113oyk2
Regular Price : $79.99
Ship Weight : $2.00
Availability : Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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Detailed Description
Open the toughest jars with just one touch! Jars can be a convenient way and location to store just about anything - from food items to tools, fasteners, knick-knacks and more. They save space and provide a safe and secure place to store whatever you need! At the same time, jars can be next to impossible to open. An exceptionally tight lid, an old and worn out jar top or other factors can result in you struggling, fighting and fussing to open up that car. It can be time-consuming, frustrating and can result in injury too if you're not careful. The One Touch Jar Opener is the totally automatic way so safely, easily and quickly open up any round jar of any size! Totally automatic. Unlike standard jar openers that you have to manually place around the top of the jar then forcefully twist open with your hands and wrists, the One Touch Jar Opener is completely automatic, saving you time and aggravation. Once you order and receive your One Touch Jar Opener, using it is a snap: just place it on the jar and press the button. That's it! It's as simple as touch and go. The One Touch Jar Opener automatically opens the jar for you. In seconds, that jar is opened and you're ready to go. Order your One Touch Jar Opener today and discover just how much easier and how much time you can really save! It is totally safe. The One Touch Jar Opener is completely safe, and will not damage, scratch, cut or chip the jar that it's opening, so you don't have to worry about accidentally nicking your hands or fingers. The One Touch Jar Opener works from the top and sides of the jar lid, not the actual jar. Because of this unique feature, when the jar is opened, there are no dangerous edges to worry about and deal with. It is totally practical. Why fumble with jar openers that don't fit, or trying to wrestle that tough jar lid open yourself when the One Touch Jar Opener will do the work for you? What you get: One Touch Jar Opener, instructions.
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