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CDN DTTC Digital Thermometer, Timer & Clock
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CDN DTTC Digital Thermometer, Timer & Clock
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Detailed Description
CDN DTTC-W digital probe thermometer is a white, essential tool for cooks. Our Digital Probe Thermometers feature heat-resistant stainless steel probes that provide an accurate instant readout of internal temperatures during the cooking process. The Digital Probe Thermometer collection includes a combination timer and clock, a combination timer and thermometer, and a stand-alone thermometer. Candy/Roast/Oven Test. Dual progress display, 2 acc, 3' sensor cable, Counts up/down, Big digit. Clock, alarm, 24 hours by min, S/S clip, 2-way mounting, 14 to 392 F/-10 to +200 C are all its facilities. The digital thermometer/timer is also useful for candy-making: the clip attaches the probe to the side of a saucepan, and again, the alarm can be programmed to sound after a certain number of minutes or when a particular temperature is reached. Different sounds for the timer and thermometer alarms avoid confusion. The LED screen displays three readings: the current time with seconds in large digits, internal food temperature, and the set temperature. A switch changes the scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius, with a temperature range of 14 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 200 degrees Celsius). A hinge in the 4-3/4-by-2-3/4-inch control module allows it to sit upright on a countertop or stovetop, while magnetic strips on the back secure it to a metal surface. Buttons are clearly marked and instructions provided for setting temperatures and the count-up/count-down timer. The device is also useful for testing the accuracy of oven temperatures so that settings and cooking times can be adjusted accordingly.
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