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PalmOne Mobile Internet Kit
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PalmOne Mobile Internet Kit
Item Code :   b000056bdn
Regular Price : $19.99
Ship Weight : $3.00
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Detailed Description
The Palm Mobile Internet Kit is an easy-to-use, inexpensive software product that allows millions of Palm users worldwide to connect wirelessly to the Internet using a mobile phone or a Palm-compatible modem. The new kit offers Palm users the same quick and easy access to Internet content and communication tools that is available today through the Palm VII wireless handheld computer. Once installed, the Palm Mobile Internet Kit provides access to Internet and web content, e-mail and messaging services through several popular methods. Web clipping technology, which was first introduced with the Palm VII product, is Palm's own technology which lets users quickly and efficiently access valuable information wirelessly without the burden of graphics and undesired information. Today, there are more than 350 web clipping applications available for free downloading at, and all will be available to Palm Mobile Internet kit users. For easy access to email, the kit also includes an email solution, MultiMail from ActualSoft, providing access to any POP3 or IMAP4 mail account. The kit includes a tool for using the popular short messaging service (SMS). SMS is the GSM standard for sending and receiving brief messages. This type of messaging is made quicker and easier than on phones alone by taking advantage of the easy input method of a Palm handheld. In addition, Palm Mobile Internet Kit offers users the option to access content via the wireless application protocol (WAP). The WAP software provides much of the same content and filters available on some mobile phones, but can be viewed and manipulated easier via the larger screen of a Palm handheld.
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