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PalmOne Portable Keyboard for Palm V Series Handhelds
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PalmOne Portable Keyboard for Palm V Series Handhelds
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Detailed Description
Tired of using the stylus for tedious "typing" and handwriting on your Palm V organizer? The Palm portable keyboard not only gives you a full-size QWERTY keyboard for touch-typing on your Palm organizer, but also folds up for portable convenience. The keyboard folds into a 3.5-by-5-inch case that is only slightly larger than the Palm organizer itself. At 0.875 inches thick, the portable keyboard is a little too large to fit into most shirt pockets, but it will fit into a jacket pocket and takes up very little room in a briefcase or purse. To set up the keyboard driver, we did not need to consult the instruction manual. We inserted the accompanying software disk into our PC and double-clicked the PRC icon on our desktop. We inserted the Palm organizer into its HotSync cradle and pressed the HotSync button. To open the portable keyboard, we slid its side-mounted thumb-switch down, unfolded its panels, and slid the left and right sides of the keyboard together until they locked into place. With only a little experimentation, we found a sliding support behind the portable keyboard's dock connector, into which we slid our Palm organizer. Then, we started the Memo application on the Palm and began typing. In fact, we wrote a portion of this review using the Memo application while typing on the portable keyboard. Typing on the portable keyboard is much like typing on a notebook PC. The response of the keys is quite comfortable, and the tactile feedback is satisfying. The keys are also positioned well for fast touch-typing. Note that you can only use the portable keyboard on a firm flat surface; you cannot use it on your lap because the keyboard's center hinge does not lock. We also advise that you handle the portable keyboard gently, as it is made from thin and lightweight materials. For people who need to use their Palm for memos, e-mail, writing reports, or any activity that requires entering more than just a few words, the Palm portable keyboard offers a tremendous convenience, especially given its small size and portability. Take a shortcut. Up to nine user-programmable keys let you instantly access the applications and programs you use most. Start right away. Just install the Palm Portable Keyboard software, set your Palm handheld in the custom docking cradle, and start typing. Forget about batteries. The keyboard uses minimal power from your Palm handheld - no additional batteries required.
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